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>Welcome to the The Peacecraft Elite
> 1) put your char. name here........
 Siyete Galorius <grins>
> 2) what did you do before Gundam Wing? (like outher Guilds or RPGs) _.
 Mekton, AD&D, Top Secret, Big Eyes Small Mouth (Escaflowne), Shadowrun
> 3) which Gundam would you like? go to this sight to find one
 hmmm..I want the Dreissen or the Bawoo. Barring those, I would use
 something like the F91. or maybe the hardygun or the cluster gundam. if
 it's wing, I'd like a Sandrock please.
> 4) how long are you online a day?
 depends on sked, about three hours tops.
> 5) Do you like OZ
> 6) Do you Like Gundam Wing?
> 7) have you ever simed or RPGed before or are you in a guild?
 Tabeltop, hex types, classic D&D style.
> 8) pop quiz
> 1)what do you do if you lose control of your Gundam?
 If I had a hand in the making of that gundam, I would have some sort of
 backup OS which can be manually shifted to. Either that, or bail out.
 History proves that people who are not in control of their MS tend to be
 cannon fodder.
 Another would be to have installed an ALICE type system so I don't have to
 worry too much, as it will follow the Asimovian rules of human perservation.
> 2) What do you do if OZ attacks the bace your in? .
 Simple: get the nearest prototype and run away with it. barring that, get
 nearest MS and high tail it outa there. He who fights against overwhelming
 odds and against the element of surprise is done for. Specially if it's
 Treize and/or Zechs leading the attack.
> 3) what do you do if OZ attacks? A) get help. B) fight C) run
 C. if OZ attacks, you bet Treize and Zechs would have made sure that there
 would be no help forthcoming.
> 4) What shood you do if you have to eject?
 MS rarely have ejection seats. if I have to, I would get out of the
 cockpit while the damn gundam is still about to get hit...no way am I gonna
 play hero when I can destroy that other MS and pilot another day. >>

yeah but this is for aol and compusurve users only becouse you have to get
into chat rooms + the one kid said he would tell me on what i need to inprove

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