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>>Hey you guys, stop bullying the people. I know its
>>very weird to have a reversed I-feild that is
>>technically supposed to absorb beams... and have it
>>shut off all nearby electrical units (ahh, something
>>like an EMP...) Anyway, i know most of you guys know
>>wayyy much more than I do on mecha tech ---I dont have
>>a clue how thick the Gundarum Tau is when used on

a reversed i-field is like opening yourself to attack then not being able
to shoot thourgh it, LOL!

actually, i think i-fields are great if you have the power generator to use
it. otherwise, I would prefer a beam shield or a simple shield, or perhaps
moving shield systems or barrier systems...

We actually made a scenario where (thanks to Rifts) gundams and macross
units got into a fight...the moment the SDF-1 fired the main guns, any
gundam using minovsky drive boost systems (getting paticles from the
surroundings) got auto shutdowns, because of the vast amounts of charged
particles in the air...including minovski particles...we later figured that
this was slightly hooey, but it made for a great scene. by the way, the
gundams won because they charged in for close combat...beam sabers and
autocannon rifles do not mix, LOL!

>Actually I'd say Mekton Zeta (when combined with it's technical supplement
>Mekton Zeta Plus) can do a pretty good job of it. Hell, it's even got rules
>for Super Deformed mecha.

yeah, but one still has to tweak to one's that damn gp02a

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