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Tue, 20 Jun 2000 10:05:40 MST

>I recently sent off an email to Anime Village asking some questions about
>their DVD and Gundam releases and found out a few things.
>1) 08th MS Team will definately be on DVD when it is released next year.


>2) Brain Powered will no longer be released in dubbed format on VHS, but
>there are still no clear plans for it to be released on DVD (at least that
>the guy who responded, Chistopher Marsh, did not know if it would be).

Are they still planning to release subbed VHS tapes? I hope so, I like the

>3) I asked what the next Gundam series to be released would be, listing
>several including Zeta, X, MSG, and CCA and F91, and he (Christopher Marsh)
>said it "most likely would be" Zeta or Gundam X. Personally, I'd love to
>see either, but would probably lean my hopes more towards Zeta.

Well, based on the first 20 episodes of each, I acutally like X slightly
more than Z (yes I know you all think I'm nuts). However, I'd probably
rather see Zeta as the next commercial release. Mainly because it's part of
the MSG->Z->ZZ->CCA progression. If it sells well ZZ and CCA will probably

>Just thought some on the list would like to know.



Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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