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On 20 Jun 2000, Roland Thigpen wrote:

> I recently sent off an email to Anime Village asking some questions about their DVD and Gundam releases and found out a few things.
> 1) 08th MS Team will definately be on DVD when it is released next year.
Excellent news. 08th is by far and away my favorite OVA, and a nice DVD
treatment would be very cool. I wonder if they'll release Miller's report
along with it..

> 2) Brain Powered will no longer be released in dubbed format on VHS, but there are still no clear plans for it to be released on DVD (at least that the guy who responded, Chistopher Marsh, did not know if it would be).
Hmm, you sure you mean dubbed? I've never heard of a company not releasing
the dub, dropping the sub VHS maybe ............. hmm wait, this is Brain
Powered. Its not exactly a mass market show, so perhaps the dub just
wasn't selling well, and only the real hardcore sub fans were buying.
Interesting. I'll definately get this one, too. Very enjoyable show.

> 3) I asked what the next Gundam series to be released would be, listing several including Zeta, X, MSG, and CCA and F91, and he (Christopher Marsh) said it "most likely would be" Zeta or Gundam X. Personally, I'd love to see either, but would probably lean my hopes more towards Zeta.
Zeta! Zeta! Zeta! Wooooooooooooo! I just hope they go the same route as
wing and give us 5 episodes per DVD, anything less would be nuts, with
that many episodes. Or ... maybe they'll go the Outlaw Star route and do 8
or 9 per DVD ... the technology is certainly there to do it. Perhaps if OS
sells well in that format, we'll start to see more series released like
As for the others, I can't see them doing CCA as its quite bewildering
without having seen, or at least understanding, MSG, and Z.
MSG on DVD could go either way ... of course all of us Gundam fans will
buy it, but how would it do on the open market? Possibly really well,
possibly entirely awful. Only time will tell.
Gundam X has a very good chance of appearing though, but I'm decidedly
indifferent. I never really cared for the show ... considering the power
of Gundam has always been its characters, I find it really unforgivable to
have bad (in my opinion, anyway) characters. I really didn't form any
emotional attatchment to anyone in X, which really hurt my enjoyment of
the show... But regardles of my feelings on it, its the most easily
accesibly for the "Wing Generation" with its flash MS's (another point,
the actual Gundam X was really the only MS I liked in the series), and
independent story.

> Just thought some on the list would like to know.
Of course =) Thanks for the info.

> Roland
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