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>Hey you guys, stop bullying the people. I know its
>very weird to have a reversed I-feild that is
>technically supposed to absorb beams... and have it
>shut off all nearby electrical units (ahh, something
>like an EMP...) Anyway, i know most of you guys know
>wayyy much more than I do on mecha tech ---I dont have
>a clue how thick the Gundarum Tau is when used on
>These people know even less, I doubt if they really
>know who Amuro is (they must be Wing gen fans or
>somethin) but that doesn't mean we should trash them.
>Since we so much why don't we tell them the technical
>stuff when we see that they're wrong (I can see how
>you people enjoy giving lectures on how stupid the
>material strength is ignored in GW). Anyway, I'm a
>very experienced RPG player/dm/gm. I know very well
>that theres no way you could make a TECHNOLOGICALLY
>CORRECT, EASY TO USE and... (most important)... FUN
>fight module for mobile suits fighting with fin
>funnels, shining fingers and lunar cannons...
>...if you can make one I'd really love to see it...

Actually I'd say Mekton Zeta (when combined with it's technical supplement
Mekton Zeta Plus) can do a pretty good job of it. Hell, it's even got rules
for Super Deformed mecha.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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