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Yeah man, thats awesome. Now if they can just build another one about 3 times taller :-)

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Vince Leon

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Subject: [gundam] 1:3 Scale (!!!) MSZ-006 Z Gundam

That's no typo, folks! The "Giant Gundam Robot" is 7 meters tall!

The man shown in the picture for scale can't be much taller than 160cm,
which makes it look even taller. "FRP" here stands for Fiber Reinforced
Plastic, not Fantasy Role Playing, although I bet that it'd be great for
that. There's a bike sidecar in there somewhere, but I can't determine
where. I'm also at a loss to figure out the reference to "10 years" and "7
years" -- a translation from someone with better eyesight would be much


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