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I'm working on a fanfic that is an alternate U.C timeline, which basically points out the Question: What if the Zeon won? I'm working out some of the problems with the story, but I've at least got some of the stuff set...can't say I'm too perfect with the technology, though...anyway, here's some of the mecha I'm working on including. The original Gundam was destroyed, and therefore, UNT spacy has had to deal with using what they knew of it's construction to make their GM line. However, 10 years after the 0YW, The GMs are little defense against Zeon's increasing empire(Under the control of Giren)and therefore, a plan is made to restart Operation V, with Gundams designed for different mission types. The Federation's ultimate plan is to retake Earth and the colonies, and they'll need all the help they can get...

RX-89S-This Gundam is nearly identical to the original RX-78 series, except 10 years of technological research and stolen Zeon technology have allowed it to have a much more improved sensor and reaction system than the original. However, UNT's low budget permits only one of these to be constructed. It is given to pilot Alto Wukong, who repaints it in his own custom colors as the "Flare Gundam".
RX-89SX-A stealth-model Gundam, using it's black armor and minovsky particle generator to keep it hidden from the enemy. Suprisingly, it is given to a Zeon defector.
RX-89N-A Newtype-use Gundam, has psycommu system and bits.
RX-89-1-A regular type of Gundam, virtually identical to the RX-78 due to UNT's vastly reduced budget. Nevertheless, more powerful than UNT's very weak and limited GM line. The pilot, upset that she's got a bland Gundam as opposed to everybody else's special mission models, gives it a custom paint job which is basically the reverse of the RX-78-2's color scheme.
RX-89-2-Another regular Gundam, it sticks to the classic color scheme.
RX-89C-The RX-89C is intended for use by commanders. It also has an ovveride for RX-89 series Gundams. The first "Command Gundam" gets captured by the Zeon and given a Zaku-esque color scheme, and is devastating against the RX-89 series. A second command variant is made later, but without the ovveride switch.
RX-89GC-The Strike Gundam carrys a heavy arsenal of weaponry for mid-range support. It's sort of the sucessor of the Guncannon.
RX-89M-The M Gundam is the most advance of the Gundams, developed secretly on the moon by Federation sympathizers and personnel. It has a transformation system for increased speed and atmospheric reentry. The combat data from the 89 series is desperately needed for the M to operate correctly.
RX-89MX-The M Gundam test-type is used as a frame for testing out M Gundam's system.It can only be in one mode at a time, and to transform it must dock and have it's parts switched around by technicians.
RX-88GT-The "Neo Guntank" is a ground support unit for Federation MS.
RGM-79- Very few of these mass-produced MS managed to be evacuated from Jaburo.
RGM-79(E)-Only 5 of these test-type GMs still exist, and are handed only to the elite pilots.
RGM-82-GMs built with stolen Zeon MS parts, these ramshackle GMs form the center of the Federation's small MS group.
"Gundom"-A captured Rick Dom, painted in Gundam colors.
Federation Zaku-Captured Zaku IIs which are painted in GM colors.

Over the past 10 years, Zeon has been able to develop it's MS suffeciently beyond what was available in the OYW. In addition, Zeon has broken into two factions, the Zabi faction and the Daikun(Char's) faction.

Zaku II-Although it is an antique and no longer in production, The Zaku II can still be seen in many of the Zeon fleets.
Rick Dom IV-A newer version of the Rick Dom.
Rick Gouf-The Char faction managed to develop a space-based version of this powerful MS.
Gyan mass-produced-Mass-produced version of the Knight MS.
Rick Dom hover type-legless, budget-saving Rick Dom variant.
Zarock-The first Zeon MS to have a core block system.
Neo-Zakarello-Improved type of Zeon mobile armor.
Zeon Gundam imitation type-Built on the stolen Gundam in Zeon's possesion, these are basically Zeon mockerys of the Gundam, with Zaku-esque colors, the shoulder spikes, and the mono-eye. Only three are made.

Well, that's it for now...I'm still developing the story.

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