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<< Aye, have a sense of humor man! we were just trading a couple of comments.
  if you know your system is good, explain it and then we can even give you
 comments on how to improve it.
 liek for example, how would you treat weapons which can do damage even at
 glancing blows? or how do you roll for multiple fannel hits? is is a
 cumulative or treated as separate per fannel? stuff like that. we can
 help you. >>

well we start out with an app. witch ill send if you want it than i look it
over and i say if the person is in or not than we have a meeting if someones
on than we introduse eveyone to everyone than we get out of chat than we do
missions and things fannal hits we take them till they move out of them and
if you lose your wepppen than you can't get it and damage you can't repaire
it till the baddles over than when someone can't fight or they die than we
deside the winner

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