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>>sure but not all of us can get it is that ok with you?????????????
>I suggest that you calm down. I'm not trying to put down your game. I'm
>just giving you some friendly advice, which it is obvious that you don't
>want to take. If you don't take it, that's your choice. However, if you
>respond to your players in the same way that you're responding to the
>messages from the list, you'll find that people aren't going to want to play
>with you. I've been gaming for 20 years, and I've seen it many times. The
>gamemaster who abuses his players quickly loses those players. Remember

Aye, have a sense of humor man! we were just trading a couple of comments.
 if you know your system is good, explain it and then we can even give you
comments on how to improve it.

liek for example, how would you treat weapons which can do damage even at
glancing blows? or how do you roll for multiple fannel hits? is is a
cumulative or treated as separate per fannel? stuff like that. we can
help you.

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