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--- Richie Ramos <> wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I just got this item and wanted to post a few
>>> warnings about this one. The MSIA Zeta is about
>>> worst in this series! The details all look great,
>>> but it falls apart too easily.
>> Thanks for the objective review - I knew it was bad
>> news when the damn thing can't transform, and the
>> pictures didn't make matters any better.
>>> Don't get me wrong, the Zeta looks very cool and
>>> once you pose him, he is an awesome looking piece.

>>> Just don't ever touch him again. ;-)
>> I thought these MSiA figures are made to be played
>> with. Are they going the "look but don't touch"
>> route like the New Material Turn-A?
>> Eddie
> I saw the Action Gokin version of it in the store
> where I usually buy stuff. It doesn't have much line

> detail, but it looks way sturdier.

You said it right. The Action Gokins' Zeta is
sturdier, but line details and finishing is a par
below MSiA Zeta. As I've mentioned in previous post,
Zeta is the first MSiA which features more than 20
points of articulation, so some loosiness is expected.
My MSiA Zeta stand up fine, and it's even sturdier
than MSiA RX-78 Gundam recolored as Okawara's
illustration version (black/white/red); it's leg
joints are very loose compare to my original MSiA
Gundam release (blue/red/white), which is a result of
tool-wear due to mass production.

My only other peeve at MSiA Zeta is the beam rifle,
which I never really like it either shown on TV or as
model kits/action figure equipment. When my MSiA Zeta
isn't holding the hyper mega launcher, it's welding
MSiA Dom's giant bazooka, a fitting weapon for a tall
MS :)


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