Chris Beilby (
Tue, 20 Jun 2000 14:10:42 GMT

><< you could do that but what about the people that can't get them hmmmm
>than what?????????? anyway we do this guild for people who have AOL or
>Coumpusurve so they can get into chat rooms and use Instent messanger and

The game system I use on Gundam MUSH is Mekton Zeta, which is extremely easy
to learn to use and teach. They don't have to have the game to play on the
MUSH... Or if they play White Wolf/Storyteller, you can simply adapt that.
Other good systems are out there as well, such as Big Eyes, Small Mouth and
it's Mecha Expansion, Big Robots, Cool Starships. In all of these cases,
the only one who actually has to have the game is the Game Master himself...

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