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<< Hey you guys, stop bullying the people. I know its
 very weird to have a reversed I-feild that is
 technically supposed to absorb beams... and have it
 shut off all nearby electrical units (ahh, something
 like an EMP...) Anyway, i know most of you guys know
 wayyy much more than I do on mecha tech ---I dont have
 a clue how thick the Gundarum Tau is when used on
 These people know even less, I doubt if they really
 know who Amuro is (they must be Wing gen fans or
 somethin) but that doesn't mean we should trash them.
 Since we so much why don't we tell them the technical
 stuff when we see that they're wrong (I can see how
 you people enjoy giving lectures on how stupid the
 material strength is ignored in GW). Anyway, I'm a
 very experienced RPG player/dm/gm. I know very well
 that theres no way you could make a TECHNOLOGICALLY
 CORRECT, EASY TO USE and... (most important)... FUN
 fight module for mobile suits fighting with fin
 funnels, shining fingers and lunar cannons...
 ...if you can make one I'd really love to see it... >>

it's about time someone came out and said something this good and hes right!

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