Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 20 Jun 2000 01:14:33 -0700

> It's good that he did. I would be mad too. That's a very dumb excuse
>for not watching the show.

You know, usually when a series bums out, the director with good senses
would point the finger at himself and ask what did he do wrong instead of
blaming his audience. If he REALLY wanted to complain, maybe he should hang
out with creative forces behind Gundam X, whose series got shafted to the
EARLY Sunday morning slot.

I suspect that people tuned out of Turn-A not because of the mecha designs.
There are a lot of people who dig Syd Mead's designs (just look around the
GML and how the Turn-A got to participate in so much merchandising: MSiA,
New Material toy, PalmTop model, Hyper Gundam figure, gashapon figures,
SD kits and figures, etc.). Hell, you even see it a lot of it in the pages
of hobby magazines and modeling competition entries. People could have been
turned off by other aspects of the show, like how some of the characters
from Turn-A's cast wasn't exactly classy-looking, if you ask me. For example,
there is this ridiculous-looking Moonrace pilot (in a bad-guy role) who
appears like a hybird of a gay stereotype and an African cannibal tribesman
(don't flame me, that's how this character was designed and drawn!). Yaz
would never come up with something degrading like this. Worse yet, people
probably weren't interested because the story was rather boring.

> It's sad to see that the new generation show no appreciation for good
>storylines anymore. All they want is action and more action. Again I'm not
>pointing fingers at anyone in this mailing list, I know this fact because
>most of my friends and their younger siblings, who are new to the show, are
>only drawn to the gundam mania because of the action they see. If this
>continues on we'll most likely see the later gundam shows heading to the
>hollywood direction. Just pure action and CG's with a shallow storyline
>doesn't make a good show.

Eye candy counts. And when the original Gundam was made, it had plenty
of eye candy too (not by today's standard though) and had the best of both
worlds - a solid story and plenty of eye candy. Maybe Tomino's lost his
touch in that department, and is really complaining about that.


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