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> Rodrick Su writes,
> >I think there are only 3 or 4 mobile suits with this kind of Psycommu
> >System, Zeta, ZZ, The O and possibly one of the Sentinel Gundams. Now, I
> >can understand perfectly why Anaheim Electronics licensed this
> technology to
> >the Titans (Good paying customer), but why would Paptimus
> Scirocco buy it?
> Well, at that point it's the only way to fit a psycommu system into a
> normal-sized mobile suit. The Titans' newtype labs never managed - or
> never tried - to scale down the system so it could fit into anything
> smaller than a Bound Doc. The only normal-sized mobile suit in that
> series with a true psycommu system is the Qubeley, the technology of
> which Scirocco probably didn't have ready access to. :-)

[Scene: Sometime between episode 23 and 24 with Titan occupation of Von

Scirocco is escorted into a presentation room of Anaheim Electronics Sales

Scirocco: So in exchange for leaving the corporate infructure of Anaheim
alone, you are offering?

AE Sales VP: Oh, The Bio-Sensor, the new miniaturized psycommu system our
Advance R&D Division had just completed. It will give Newtype pilots
greater interface with their mobile suit as well as extension of their

Scirocco: Interesting. Let me see your test data on this device.

AE Sales VP: Unfortunately, our Advance R&D Division rarely share any of
their field test data with anyone outside of their division, the best I can
do is to deliever the specs and the actual device.

Scirocco: So they are looking for more guinea pig.

AE Sales VP: Oh, we will never treat repeat customer in such light.
Consider it as a pre-market product the public may not be ready for, but
surely a man of your power and talent can take advantage of such device?

Scirocco: Have you actually test this out on anything yet?

AE Sales VP: According to Advance R&D, there is 1 prototype currently in
service. The feedback on the device has been extremely positive.

Scirocco: Since I haven't heard of a mobile suit size Psycommu system yet in
service in Titans military, I presumed it is an AEUG mobile suit we are
talking about?

AE Sales VP: (silence)

Scirocco: Don't worry, I'm sure you are not responsible for the sins of
others. This Bio-Sensor interest me. Send me the device and ALL technical
data you can get your hand on.

AE Sales VP: But of course.

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