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Nah, it didn't vanish. I got it earlier, 'bout 11 hours ago.
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  My original version of this has not shown up in my listing, so if this is a second to anyone I apologize. I am assuming my first version vanished into the ether unless it was cut by the list master.....
  OK, I was on ehobbyland and noticed that the recent Banpresto Gundam non-sd figures have been more Z era designs. does anyone know if there are plans by Banpresto to relese figures into the Z, ZZ and CCA eras?? I am curious if they are planning to do nonSD figures that are in eras previously covered by the SD lines.
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  I also have the possibility to obtain a single copy of the Regult Pod Heavy Artillery type. I know it can also be made into a standard pod. My question, is the construction of the pod such that it could be cast to make use of the alternate parts?? I DO NOT plan to make any extra copies it is just for me, but has anyone built one, could the major sub assemblies be cast?? Alternately does anyone have TWO for sale at less than $40 US each??
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