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Blackeagle wrote:
> I was just wondering, why exactly are they called 'Fin Funnels'?

Originally, they were called Psycommu Bits (in the Gundam movies and TV
series). Later, in Z Gundam, they were nicknamed "funnels" (it's
actually "jyougo" in Japanese) because of the way they were shaped - the
Quebeley's "bits" were sort of shaped like flying funnels (one of the
characters in Z actually said that, I just can't remeber who...).
However, due to the way it's pronounced in Japanese, they spelled it
"fanneru" in Katakana. Then they Romanized it into "fannel"
(dropping the last "u" but not knowing it was still spelled wrong).
Ever since CCA, it's pretty much been spelled "fannel" consistantly, and
most people don't even know why, or why they were called that in the
first place. The Nu Gundam's "fannel" are shaped like a "fin" (sort
of) - hence the name "fin fannel". [end of Gundam trivia]

        Trevor in California

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