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> In essence, the picture I have of the OYW is bascially Earth vs Side
> 3. The other Sides, the Moon and Luna II all seems to have a "soft" attitude
> towards an enemy which could concievable kill them all in the name of the
> Master Race.

That blade cuts both ways. To the Federation High Command, the colonies were
expendable. The Federation wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice civilians to
forestall an enemy advance, an attitude that they still had two generations
later, when the CV invaded Frontier IV.

> This would make sense if a Titan-like oppression of the Spacenoids
> was in force before the OYW, but we hear nothing like this..

In the original Gundam, we're seing the surviving space colonies after six to
eight months of stalemate between Zeon and the Federation. Most of the killing
took place during the first week of the War and the Antarctic Treaty was signed
at the end of the first month. No more mass destruction thereafter -- the Zeon
invasion of Earth was relatively bloodless, with none of the nuclear,
biological, and chemical warfare that had characterized the first week.

During those six to eight months, both sides had been reduced to half their
original population, which means that the Federation gave as good as it got,
percentage wise.

But the status quo had been broken and the Zeon appeared to be winning. The
surviving colonies might adopt a neutralist stance wherever possible, hedging
their bets against either outcome. Then, when the Federation won, it
immediately cracked down on the colonies to preclude any possibility of a
recurrence. That laid the groundwork for the hostility evident in Gundam 0083.


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