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<< It's good that he did. I would be mad too. That's a very dumb excuse
 for not watching the show. Any die hard gundam fan who also followed the
 same path for not watching the show should be ashamed of themselves. Part
 of the reason I got into gundam is because the depth of the storyline, their
 take on politics and most importantly the interaction of people. To me
 that's the true essence of gundam. The mechs are just a tool and should
 remain that way. Without the characters in the show, the mechs will be
 nothing but a hollow shell.>>
    Yep. I like Gundam because of its characters, mecha and battles, but no
of these parts are Gundam if done seperately, as all of them combine to make
Gundam something special.

<<It's sad to see that the new generation show no appreciation for good
 storylines anymore. All they want is action and more action. Again I'm not
 pointing fingers at anyone in this mailing list, I know this fact because
 most of my friends and their younger siblings, who are new to the show, are
 only drawn to the gundam mania because of the action they see. If this
 continues on we'll most likely see the later gundam shows heading to the
 hollywood direction. Just pure action and CG's with a shallow storyline
 doesn't make a good show. >>

  I hope this never happens. There are some great Hollywood movies, as well
as horrible. As long as Tomino is still involed, a Hollywood Gundam movie
wouldn't too bad.


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