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>anyone on AOL or Compusurve want to join a Gundam Wing guild? Instent message
>me or E-mail me if you do
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Ewww... get away you dork... (no offense to all you dorks out there)

I joined one of these things and its just so stupid! (well i gues that makes
me a dork too.. darn......)

These people are such idiots man!! they don't wanna lose and they make up all
these strange ass things that make them indestructable!

For example:

Healing: how the @#$! can a MS Auto heal?!!

They use heat rods against beam sabers

and some guy went far enough to make some thing he called a "reverse I-field"
that made electric devices useless around him...and he doesn't know what an I
field is to begin with!!

and when you fight its all with words, which was interesting to me because i
never tried it but this was how it worked:

Me: I shoot you

guy1: I dodge

me: I fly up and and hit with beam saber

guy1:i dodge, then hit you're RX-93 with a heat rod

Me: i dodge

Guy1: Hey!! why didn't you take your hits?!!

this was confusing and just a plain old bitch, but if this is you're thing
then go crazy, and I'll try not to complain.....

- Roger



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