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Edmund Chiu writes,

> In the original Gundam, Amuro direct all the White Base crew to safety
> without any machine help

  D'oh! Well, there is that. I think that's pretty exceptional, though...

>> Many, but not all. The Gengaozo's back engine unit and the Zanneck's
>> Zanneck Base are described as being psycommu-controlled. Presumably this
>> allows for faster & better control than regular Minovsky control.
> I thought that any device that doesn't require Newtype powers won't be
> called psycocommu (I thought that's what qusi-psycommu devices are for)....

  Sure, but the Gengaozo and Zanneck _do_ require a newtype pilot. See my
earlier note re: Fara Griffon. Likewise, the new issue of Dengeki Hobby has
a preview of the "Zanspine" from G Generation F, a Zanscare knockoff of the
V2 Gundam; since its weapons are psycommu-based, it's meant to be operated
by Fara Griffon.

> I guess I feel more incline toward MS with funnels-like weapons, which
> other than that La Freshia, not that many MS after CCA has it (I believe
> there's a MS in V that has something similar).

  There are actually a couple of other mobile suits in V Gundam with remote
weapons - the beam shot claws of the Contio and Rig Contio (the latter's
claw is wireless, which may be a hint regarding Chronocle's status at the
end of the series), and the barrier bits that form the V2 Assault Gundam's
mega beam shield. No old-school funnel blizzards, though; then again, as you
note, these weren't historically very effective.

> I just feel that after all
> those years, those inventors should have a much better idea of how to use NT
> in battle.

  On the other hand, since true natural newtypes remained extremely scarce
and artificial ones remained extremely unstable, mobile suit developers may
have simply decided it was a waste of effort designing weapons around these
unreliable human elements. Especially since regular technology allowed them
to reproduce most of the major benefits of psycommu weaponry...

-- Mark

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