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> Edmund Chiu writes,
> > I thought they are pretty useless, except against the non-NT pilots.
> > With such a high cost, why bother?
> I wouldn't characterize the Qubeley as "useless." :-)

    Well, but at what cost? Even in the game Giren's Greed, Quebeley cost a
fortune. Besides, I rarely saw a funnel score a good hit on NT pilots....

> Could you give me some examples? I can think of instances in Z Gundam
> where newtypes perceive a sensation of "pressure" from each other, or
> each others' proximity, but off the top of my head I can't recall any
> instances of actual _conversation_ in which neither participant was using
> psycommu-equipped mobile suit or mobile armor.

    In the original Gundam, Amuro direct all the White Base crew to safety
without any machine help (unless the Gundam is equiped with a bio-sensor
like thing that I never know about). When Camille was "send" back to space
the first time, Four "told" Camille (thru Amuro) to use that booster to go
to space, and I believe she was outside the Psycho Gundam at the time
(unless that Psycho Gundam "intercept" those thoughts and translate it). Of
course, if you have to insist that the Newtypes have to be somewhere not
even close to psycommu machine, there isn't that many instances. Besides, it
seems that without bio-sensor or what-not, the best most people can do is to
share thoughts (like Camille sense Emma's danger in early part of Zeta, Fa
feels the kids are in danger, etc.), not actually conversation...

> Many, but not all. The Gengaozo's back engine unit and the Zanneck's
> Zanneck Base are described as being psycommu-controlled. Presumably this
> allows for faster & better control than regular Minovsky control.

    I thought that any device that doesn't require Newtype powers won't be
called psycocommu (I thought that's what qusi-psycommu devices are for)....

> Huh? F91 and V Gundam are both post-CCA, and both feature
> psycommu-equipped mobile armors and/or mobile suits (you even get some
> psycommu-equipped Zoloatts in V Gundam). Not to mention Angel Halo, the
> biggest psycommu superweapon ever...

    I guess I feel more incline toward MS with funnels-like weapons, which
other than that La Freshia, not that many MS after CCA has it (I believe
there's a MS in V that has something similar). I just feel that after all
those years, those inventors should have a much better idea of how to use NT
in battle. As for Angel Halo, I thought those people are not Newtypes -
otherwise, Shakti and Usso should have no trouble finding each other (Usso
should be able to sense her without any trouble).

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