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Edmund Chiu writes,

> I thought they are pretty useless, except against the non-NT pilots.
> With such a high cost, why bother?

  I wouldn't characterize the Qubeley as "useless." :-)

> I thought all Newtypes can "talk" to eachother without psycommu - it's
> just with psychommu, even machines can "listen" to it. In the original
> Gundam, and throughout Zeta, people use NT power to talk in several
> instances without the need of psycommu or something like that....

  Could you give me some examples? I can think of instances in Z Gundam
where newtypes perceive a sensation of "pressure" from each other, or sense
each others' proximity, but off the top of my head I can't recall any
instances of actual _conversation_ in which neither participant was using a
psycommu-equipped mobile suit or mobile armor.

> Well, I thought almost all of the MS in V Gundam uses that Minovski
> thing (whatever it was called) to remote control various parts of a MS....

  Many, but not all. The Gengaozo's back engine unit and the Zanneck's
Zanneck Base are described as being psycommu-controlled. Presumably this
allows for faster & better control than regular Minovsky control.

>> There are also a couple of newtype mobile armors in Crossbone Gundam
> (e.g.
>> the Elefante), though they're not used by the main characters.
> But it never shows up in the UC anime after CCA....

  Huh? F91 and V Gundam are both post-CCA, and both feature
psycommu-equipped mobile armors and/or mobile suits (you even get some
psycommu-equipped Zoloatts in V Gundam). Not to mention Angel Halo, the
biggest psycommu superweapon ever...

-- Mark

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