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> Not on the Neo Zeon side - that's why they're trying to develop
> quasi-psycommu mobile suits for their non-newtype pilots (the Hamma Hamma
> being an unsuccesful example, and the Doven Wolf a successful one). The
> true psycommu mobile suits the Neo Zeons field are the Qubeley series, the
> Quin Mantha, and the Geymarck. Aside from the original Qubeley (piloted by
> Hamaan herself) and the Geymarck (piloted by Chara Soon, after she
> the artificial newtype process), these are all piloted by Puru clones.

    I thought they are pretty useless, except against the non-NT pilots.
With such a high cost, why bother?

    I wonder why NT are so hard to come by - maybe that's why Haman wants
Judo to join so badly....

> Most of the ZZ heroes seem to have some degree of newtype capability,
> not on the level of Camille, Amuro, or Judo.

    At least they seems to have more NT ability than Fa....

> Could be. "E-mail from Astonage - he's got a hot tip on that ankle-joint
> problem you're struggling with!"

    Or something like "this is how you connect these two together and here's
why you shouldn't do something like this!"

> Sure, but the psycommu hardware probably helps with the brain-fighting
> too, since it provides a conduit for newtypes to communicate with each
> as well as with their own mobile suits and funnels.

    I thought all Newtypes can "talk" to eachother without psycommu - it's
just with psychommu, even machines can "listen" to it. In the original
Gundam, and throughout Zeta, people use NT power to talk in several
instances without the need of psycommu or something like that....

> Can you say "plot device"? :-)

    I thought almost all Gundam fans agrees on that....

> The Zanneck and Gengaozo from V Gundam use a psycommu system to control
> their support mecha. In the V Gundam novels, Tomino explicity states that
> Fara Griffon has been turned into an artificial newtype so that she can
> these mobile suits.

    Well, I thought almost all of the MS in V Gundam uses that Minovski
thing (whatever it was called) to remote control various parts of a MS....

> There are also a couple of newtype mobile armors in Crossbone Gundam
> the Elefante), though they're not used by the main characters.

    But it never shows up in the UC anime after CCA....

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