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> Perhaps so. Not to mention that natural newtypes are really scarce, so
> miniaturizing the psycommu system wouldn't be a high priority; the newtype
> labs seem to be capable of producing more monster mobile armors than
> artificial newtypes to pilot them.

    Newtypes are pretty scarce to the "higher up" people, but they are
pretty much everywhere in ZZ. Then again, nobody really cares about ZZ's
storyline and stuff....

    As for those monster MA, it's easier to produce them than producing
artificial newtypes because it's extremely unstable (their mental state),
even their "finished" ANT like Four or Rosamia is not that stable, compare
to difficulty in producing big MAs...

> Right, and if I recall correctly, the NT labs were established before
> Titans were founded.

    I wonder why, since everybody knows that AEUG is the one that's "Newtype
friendly" - maybe it's because Titans has more money....

> Indeed, but he got the Type 100 _immediately_ upon returning to the
moon -
> no time for analysis of the captured Mark IIs. Probably Anaheim was
> finishing up the Type 100 during the Side 7 scouting mission.

    But I think that Char and company probably send some of the information
they found on Mk-II to Anaheim right after they got it. It's probably what
finally let them to finish Type 100....

> Well, it does allow Scirocco to do newtype power-ups and engage in
> standoffs with Hamaan. :-)

    Probably not, since it's just NT-to-NT fighting, nothing physical (I
believe Reccoa mention something about not seeing them doing anything or
something like that).

> Based on the animation, it only seems to kick in during emotional
crises -
> Camille gets special effects when he's duking it out with Yazzan and
> Scirocco, Judo gets to do wacky newtype stuff only when Puru is killed and
> during his final battle with Hamaan.

    I don't see Judo doing anything when Lina was "killed" ^_^ It does seems
that Bio-sensor is more like an useless accessories than something really

> Or for normal psycommu, either - the pilot wouldn't be able to use it.

    I wonder why there never was any NT only MS, besides that "thing" Iron
Mask piloted after the Char's Counterattack era - Maybe it's because the
Newtypes disappeared, since I remember people almost refer to Newtype like
something in a legend....

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