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Edmund Chiu writes,

> Probably it's because it was never in Titans' intention to use Newtypes
> or artificial Newtypes "extensively", so they are just probably "testing the
> water" with various MA and stuff.

  Perhaps so. Not to mention that natural newtypes are really scarce, so
miniaturizing the psycommu system wouldn't be a high priority; the newtype
labs seem to be capable of producing more monster mobile armors than
artificial newtypes to pilot them.

> I don't think Titans "absorbed" the NT research group - more like those
> group were absorbed into labs that were "close" to Titans....

  Right, and if I recall correctly, the NT labs were established before the
Titans were founded.

> Really? I was just curious why Char finally get his hand on a better MS
> when they just got their hands on the Gundam Mk-IIs....

  Indeed, but he got the Type 100 _immediately_ upon returning to the moon -
no time for analysis of the captured Mark IIs. Probably Anaheim was
finishing up the Type 100 during the Side 7 scouting mission.

>> Nope, The O does have a psycommu system. No idea how Scirocco got hold
>> of the tehnology, though.
> I wonder what does that thing do - doesn't seem like it's doing
> anything....

  Well, it does allow Scirocco to do newtype power-ups and engage in psychic
standoffs with Hamaan. :-)

> I was just wondering why Judo cannot seems to "trigger" that bio-sensor,
> and that with Puru, who was on Zeta a few times, should be able to "sense"
> that bio-sensor, since she has been using psycommu for a while. Besides,
> that whole gang, like Roux and Elle, are all Newtypes and they never seems
> to be able to use that bio-sensor....

  Based on the animation, it only seems to kick in during emotional crises -
Camille gets special effects when he's duking it out with Yazzan and
Scirocco, Judo gets to do wacky newtype stuff only when Puru is killed and
during his final battle with Hamaan.

> That's what I meant - there seems to be no use for a bio-sensor like
> device in those MS....

  Or for normal psycommu, either - the pilot wouldn't be able to use it.

-- Mark

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