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<< I noticed that in the 0079 movie trilogy, the people on White Base seemed to wear color coded uniforms:
Blue- MS Pilot
Pink-Female officer
Gray-Command personnel
However, I have'nt noticed this color coding in either 0080 or 0083 for the Federation uniforms. Now, since we don't really see any on-ship officers in 0080 this can be excused, but in 0083, everybody's pretty much wearing the exact same Federation uniform. Any reason for this?>>

Perhaps the White Base had its own color coding system?

When the original Gundam was made, you had to differentiate the characters. You do this by giving different colors to clothing and uniforms.

In ZETA, they definitely standardized the Federal uniforms for the most part. However, some Feds had very unique outfits (Lyla, Braun Brutak - was he Titan or Feddie?), but all the rest had the usual gray outfit.

Even 0080, you don't see much of the Federal uniforms. You see Chris pull out her standard uniform, but you never actually see her wear it.


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