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>Blackeagle wrote:
> > I think that every anime fan (wheather you liked Titan or not) should
> > be sad that it tanked. If it had done well, it probably would have
> > given some impetous to more American animated SF (some of which you
> > might have liked better than Titan). It might even have inspired the
> > otherwise dimwitted studio execs that there is a ready supply of
> > animated SF on the other side of the Pacific just waiting to be
> > released on American shores.
>Hold on, Blackie. It tankED? 9.5mil on the first weekend is pretty ok
>right? Disney marketted the hack out of Dinosaur, and still got only
>39mil on the first weekend. Overall Titan AE may do pretty good. Look at
>the films ahead of it: Shaft, Gone in 60 Secs, Big Momma, MI2, 3 out of 4
>are pretty legit big hits and all four benefited from big marketting
>budget. And it out-grossed Boys and Girls, Dinosaur, Gladiator, Shanghai
>Noon. You should know how much box-office results in the first few weeks
>are just a reflection of the marketting budget, the real test is what the
>numbers are in 4 weeks.
>It costed only $55mil to make, which won't even buy you a full week of
>work from Nicolas Cage nowadays, so in all likelihood, Titan AE will make
>Fox a tidy profit. That's all we like to see right? It may not out-gross
>McDinosaur in the end, but I will still be pretty satisfied. Oh look,
>after 4 weekends, Dinosaur has just covered half the production cost.

Based on the numbers so far, my guess is that it won't get into the black on
it's U.S. theatrical run. After foriegn (wonder how it'll do in Japan?) and
video releases it will probably make Fox some money.

This is not the kind of performace than inspires immeadite greenlighting of
similar projects.

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