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>Here's more detail from
>Bleak news for Fox, as the animated epic Titan A.E. tanked. Genre fans seem
>to dig the look of the film, but were down on the story. The film just
>didn't seem to have what it took to reach the masses. Some fans of animated
>film see this as a potential blow to more experimental animated films being
>made in Hollywood. It's possible that studios might see the weak
>performance of Titan as a sign that an animated film that isn't just a
>"cartoon" can't perform. Another group down on Titan are science fiction
>fans, who were hoping for a little bit of redemption after the dismal
>Battlefield Earth. Alas, Titan was not to be their savior.

I think part of Titan's problem may be that Fox just doesn't know who to
market it to. Part of the basis for this assesment is the trailers I saw
before the movie. Most of the trailers were for kiddie flicks (Pokemon,
Thomas the Tank Engine). Looks like the Fox marketing execs seem to think
anything animated has to be aimed at an audience under ten.

Right before the movie the last trailer was for X-Men. That is the kind of
demographic that the studio should have been aiming for (teen/young adult
SF/comic/anime fans).

I think that every anime fan (wheather you liked Titan or not) should be sad
that it tanked. If it had done well, it probably would have given some
impetous to more American animated SF (some of which you might have liked
better than Titan). It might even have inspired the otherwise dimwitted
studio execs that there is a ready supply of animated SF on the other side
of the Pacific just waiting to be released on American shores.

Alas, it was not to be. Which means the only anime we'll see on the big
screen in the forseeable future (aside from 'cons and limited releases) is
that Pokemon/Digimon BS.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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