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Rodrick Su writes,

>I think there are only 3 or 4 mobile suits with this kind of Psycommu
>System, Zeta, ZZ, The O and possibly one of the Sentinel Gundams. Now, I
>can understand perfectly why Anaheim Electronics licensed this technology to
>the Titans (Good paying customer), but why would Paptimus Scirocco buy it?

  Well, at that point it's the only way to fit a psycommu system into a
normal-sized mobile suit. The Titans' newtype labs never managed - or
never tried - to scale down the system so it could fit into anything
smaller than a Bound Doc. The only normal-sized mobile suit in that
series with a true psycommu system is the Qubeley, the technology of
which Scirocco probably didn't have ready access to. :-)

Edmund Chiu writes,

>I don't think they buy out a lot of the "companies" -
>they simply hire many of the old Zeon's lab people,

  No, Anaheim did indeed buy out Zeonic, creator of the Zaku (as well as
the Federation-aligned manufacturer Hervic).

>including those that has worked with Newtypes.

  Not as far as I know. Zeon's newtype research was picked up by the
Federal Forces, specifically the Titans.

>Type 100 is basically their first attempt on movable
>frame based on the data from the captured Gundam Mk-IIs,

  The Type 100 is based on _rumors_ of the Titans' movable frame
technology, but only the Z Gundam is based on actual _examination_ of the
Gundam Mark II. Char picks up the Type 100 as soon as the Agama reaches
the moon - there's no time for Anaheim's engineers to check out the
captured Mark II beforehand.

>I thought the bio-sensor "translate" the pilot's
>brainwaves onto the computer so the MS can perform

  The same is true for any psycommu system. The distinction between
biosensor and psycommu is unclear, and any theories on this subject are
strictly fan speculation.

>I don't think The O was ever equipped with it - I
>believe it was called a NT MS simply because it was
>designed for a NT pilot.

  Nope, The O does have a psycommu system. No idea how Scirocco got hold
of the tehnology, though.

>As for Zeta, I think the bio-
>sensor was removed from it after Camille's accident.

  I don't think there's any evidence for this - it was never mentioned in
dialogue either before or after Camille's mental fish-fry. But the fancy
stuff they do with the ZZ surely requires that it have a similar system,
if not a genuine psycommu system.

>for its appearance in Gundam Sentinals, I don't think
>so - Incom systems don't really need something like bio-
>sensors simply because I don't think a pilot can handle
>using bio-sensors and the incom system at the same time

  Incoms are designed for use by non-newtype pilots. Thus, they're
usually installed in mobile suits with quasi-psycommu systems (also
designed for normal pilots) like the Gundam Mk. IV, Mk. V, Superior
Gundam, and Doven Wolf.

-- Mark

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