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Mon, 19 Jun 2000 10:26:42 -0400

Hi All,
I just got this item and wanted to post a few warnings about this one.
The MSIA Zeta is about the worst in this series! The details all look great,
but it falls apart too easily.
All of the parts that attach to the back will fall off at will, and the
large mega-launcher's handles just fall out making it impossible to pose
your Gundam with this gun.
I have a few of the Zakus and a 178 which are all better quality than the
Zeta (even if the 178's arms come off easily).
Don't get me wrong, the Zeta looks very cool and once you pose him, he is an
awesome looking piece. Just don't ever touch him again. ;-)
I sure hope they do better on future releases!

I also got one of the Banpresto Action Gokin figures and it is actually
pretty cool.
I got the Rick Dias in red and am fairly impressed with it's quality. (Of
course, I got this one with the MSIA Zeta so my opinion may be skewed.)
The details are fair (not as good as the MSIAs), and it is heavy as it
contains some die-cast parts.
Articulation is pretty good too... better in the feet than an MSIA, but
worse everywhere else. Still he will pose about any way you'd expect him

Overall though... I am happy to plop both on my shelf with all my other
buddies. :-)

Jeff C

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