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> > Similar to their work on Type 100, which is AE's first
>stab at creating a
> > movable frame mobile suit based on hearsay and rumor,
>I think Bio-Sensor is
> > AE's attempt at Psycommu Control System created by the
>Murasame Lab (PCS is
> > on Psycho Gundam, Psycho Gundam Mk. II and Bound
>Doc). Since they really
> > don't have any of the hard data that the Titan labs
>have, all they have is
> > sort of the white paper specs on it.
>Type 100 is basically their first attempt on movable
>frame based on the data from the captured Gundam Mk-IIs,
>not to mention the test bed of their Project Zeta (I
>believe it was Camille who came up with the name, and I
>think he's also the one who propose a transformable MS,
>not to mention one that can enter onto Earth without
>special equipment.) I just think the bio-sensors are
>AE's way of trying to get "more" out of the Newtype
>pilots other than just better at "regular piloting

I don't think the Type 100 incorporates any input from the captured Mk. IIs.
  The timing just doesn't work out. Zeta on the other hand, does.

>-Edmund Chiu

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