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Just reading on old e-mails....

> Anaheim Electronics bought out a lot of Zeon military
companies in the
> aftermath of OYW. One thing I don't think they got is
the Flanagan Agency,
> and all of their work. Flanagan Agency's work on
Newtype was transfer to
> the various Titan backed research labs such as the
Murasame Lab in Japan,
> Augusta Lab in North America and an unnamed lab in New
Guineas. Murasame
> Lab probably inherited the bulk of Flanagan's work on
Strengthen Human, with
> other labs getting the other nationalized technology.

I don't think they buy out a lot of the "companies" -
they simply hire many of the old Zeon's lab people,
including those that has worked with Newtypes. I believe
one of the labs other than Murasame was named (the lab
where Rosamia came from) in Zeta, and they have work
similar to Murasame (their enhanced humans seem to focus
less on "mental" part of their ability, instead focus
more on the physical "Newtype-like" abilities).

> Similar to their work on Type 100, which is AE's first
stab at creating a
> movable frame mobile suit based on hearsay and rumor,
I think Bio-Sensor is
> AE's attempt at Psycommu Control System created by the
Murasame Lab (PCS is
> on Psycho Gundam, Psycho Gundam Mk. II and Bound
Doc). Since they really
> don't have any of the hard data that the Titan labs
have, all they have is
> sort of the white paper specs on it.

Type 100 is basically their first attempt on movable
frame based on the data from the captured Gundam Mk-IIs,
not to mention the test bed of their Project Zeta (I
believe it was Camille who came up with the name, and I
think he's also the one who propose a transformable MS,
not to mention one that can enter onto Earth without
special equipment.) I just think the bio-sensors are
AE's way of trying to get "more" out of the Newtype
pilots other than just better at "regular piloting

> They want to create a thought control system that will
fit in a standard
> sized mobile suit. And the result is the unreliable
bio-sensor, which as
> best as I can see it, passively scan the pilot's
brainwave, and make guesses
> about what the pilot want to do, and sort of pre-
arrange that to happen.

I thought the bio-sensor "translate" the pilot's
brainwaves onto the computer so the MS can perform
better since most people believe Newtypes have stronger
brainwaves, which makes it easier for computer to pick
up the patterns and "translate" than "oldtypes".

> For the most part of the show (Zeta), it really isn't
a focal point of the
> mobile suit. On the last episode, when Camille
summons the spirit of his
> dead comrades and channels it thru the bio-sensor, it
worked like a charm.
> (Though I wonder if Camille's brain getting fried is a
side effect of this,
> and not just Paptimus Scirocco offing his parting

I believe the "techno" Gundam fans think of it that way,
and it probably contribute to the "accident", but I
seriously doubt that without Scirocco's "parting gift",
Camille would end up being "brain dead" for so long. I
believe the bio-sensor (this is just my theory on how
things happen) was faulty in that it allows "two-way"
communication - Scirocco's NT powers actually got thru
Zeta and directly affect Camille's brain. ZZ was
equipped with it too, and Judo doesn't seem to "suffer"
from any of those "side-effects" like Camille.

> I think there are only 3 or 4 mobile suits with this
kind of Psycommu
> System, Zeta, ZZ, The O and possibly one of the
Sentinel Gundams. Now, I
> can understand perfectly why Anaheim Electronics
licensed this technology to
> the Titans (Good paying customer), but why would
Paptimus Scirocco buy it?

I don't think The O was ever equipped with it - I
believe it was called a NT MS simply because it was
designed for a NT pilot. As for Zeta, I think the bio-
sensor was removed from it after Camille's accident. As
for its appearance in Gundam Sentinals, I don't think
so - Incom systems don't really need something like bio-
sensors simply because I don't think a pilot can handle
using bio-sensors and the incom system at the same time
(unless the designers are really stupid).

-Edmund Chiu

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