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Neil Baumgardner wrote:

> -Z- wrote:
> > Luna 2 is a mere 244 km (150 miles) "Wide" -- about 7% of the Moon. That's a
> > little over two minutes of arc. It would, I think, appear as brighter than
> > average planet, perhaps with a distinctive color. It would probably show as a
> > disc, albeit a lopsided one.
> Whoah, you mean pre-0070 right? By that time its moved to near Side 7. Or are you
> saying it would still be that visible? For that matter, how visible would Solomon
> or A Bao A Qu be?

Oops, never mind, I dont know what I was thinking. While Luna 2 was closer to Earth
before 0070, afterwards it was roughly just as far near Side 7 as the Moon is.
However, I'd still be curious to know how big Solomon and A Bao A Qu would be in the
Earth sky.


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