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> > I noticed that in the 0079 movie trilogy, the people on White Base
> > seemed to wear color coded uniforms:
> > Blue- MS Pilot
> > Pink-Female officer
> > Gray-Command personnel
> > However, I have'nt noticed this color coding in either 0080 or 0083
> > for the Federation uniforms. Now, since we don't really see any on-
> > ship officers in 0080 this can be excused, but in 0083, everybody's
> > pretty much wearing the exact same Federation uniform. Any reason
> > for this?

Funny I asked these questions a few months ago, and it wasn't too
much minutae back then... Things to notice when looking for uniforms
in MSG...

Blue - Is the pilots in White Base, but is supposed to be male enlisted.
Pink - Waves, the female enlisted persons, not officers ALL officers
          wear Khakis.
Gray - ??? You mean Khaki, or light tan.

To further confuse you they have flight suits, everyone wears Yellow
except the Gundam Pilot who wears White, and Aces who can wear
blue flight suits... Examples of blue are Sleggar Row and South Burning.

In 0080, and 0083 most Federation personnel wear the Khaki fatigues
with the Red and Gold shoulder badges depicting their rank. Sometime
when you have a chance notice that General Revil's badges are Red and
Gray to set him apart from the other Generals in MSG. Also look for
Bernie's rank badge, in the beginning he's a lowly pilot, in some scenes
that weren't checked very well he's promoted like 4 ranks...

In 08th MS team you'll notice that while EVERYONE wears Khakis
NO ONE wears rank badges anywhere...

I'd explain the Zeon rank system but it'd take too much time right now
my addendum to my web page will eventually have the Zeon badges,
and the Uniform rankings as well, based on the gold wing patterns on
their tunics, and collars.

So far all that I have is the Federation Rank Badges at this page:

Please excuse the lousy formatting I haven't yet made the whole thing
into a table as -Z- suggested, I'm still debating on extending the images
themselves and writing the rank below them on the image, so they can't
get mistaken no matter which browser is used... Oh well such is the odd
nature of updating. Also there are two or three more ranks I now have to
add to the table, the badges are there, but now I have the Japanese names
for the ranks below PFC, and the two below General.


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