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> From the earth, with the naked eye, what would the night sky of the
> Gundam world look like? How big would Luna II appear? Could you see
> the Sides? Could you see space battles going on?

The Moon is 3,476 km (2,160 miles) "wide" and, to an observer on Earth, appears
to be the same size as the Sun, hence solar eclipses. The apparent width of
both is one-half degree of arc, although the "width" of the Moon depends on
where it is in its orbit around the Earth. At apogee. it's 404,336 km (252,710
miles) away and covers 29.33 minutes of arc. At perigee, it's 354,340 km
(221,463 miles) away and covers 33.6 minutes of arc. Either way, it's about
half the width of a finger held at arm's length.

Luna 2 is a mere 244 km (150 miles) "Wide" -- about 7% of the Moon. That's a
little over two minutes of arc. It would, I think, appear as brighter than
average planet, perhaps with a distinctive color. It would probably show as a
disc, albeit a lopsided one.


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