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> I understand this from the High Frontier website, but we were
> discussing the farmsats, which IIRC are not big enough to have anything like
> showers..

The farmsats are not large enough to have a weather system, but that doesn't
mean that they won't have a distinctive climate. The amount of sunlight and the
ambient temperature can be adjusted to simulate tropical, subtropical,
temperate, or even sub-arctic and artic climates for the benefit of specific
crops. Seaweed lovers are out of luck, unless kelp can be grown hydroponically
in a few inches of brine, as aquaculture may be prohibitively expensive.

> No, I meant the Federation *military* presence. Before Zeon's
> declaration of independance, the Federation should have no meaningful
> threats against it, except for the occasional pirates, maybe. The number of
> troops stationed at each colony cylinder should be rather small.

Each colony had its own locally recruited police force, but there was a
Federation garrison for each Side. In addition, there were probably the
equivalent of Federal marshals and the FBI to handle intra-colony cases.

> Even after Zeon's independence, I'm under the impression that the
> Federation didn't take the duchy seriously. As a result, there might be an
> increased in ship production and recruitment, but nothing serious,
> especially since there were no reports of serious actions between
> 0058 and 0079.

Quite the opposite, the Federation had an immediate and serious response to the
Zeon secession, beginning with "economic sanctions" (read: embargo) in UC 0059,
a year after the Colony Republic's declaration of independence. This was
followed by the Year 60 Armament Reinforcement Plan, in which Luna 2 was
militarized. The Model 61 supertank was developed a year after that. The
Colony Republic responded by upgrading its national guard into a full-blown
military force in UC 0062. The Federation held a military review in UC 0064,
which was tantamount to a show of force for both the Colony Republic and the
rest of the colonies. This backfired, driving the rest of Side 3 to declare
common cause with the Colony Republic.

In UC 0067, the Federation rejected a constitutional motion for colonial
autonomy, which only served to increase tensions further. Zeon Zum Daikun dies
the next year and the Zabi family took over and declared the entire Side 3 to be
the Principality of Zeon a year after that. The Federation countered with the
Year 70 Armament Reinforcement Plan, cranking out the first Salamis and Magellan
class battleships. A year after that, Zeon begins work on the mobile suit in
secret, while Gihren Zabi proclaims his "Master Race" Theory in public. Axis is
constructed the next year, and a year later the MS-05 Zaku takes its first
steps. The Federation starts its own MS program and deploys the hover truck.
The next year, Zeon unveils the Musai and the Federation creates the Guntank.

Two months before the One Year War, Zeon mobilized its military in "response" to
a staged "revolt" in Quintzem colony, putting the Federation forces on full

Remember, the initial Zeon breakaway preceded the War by a good twenty years and
the Zabi family was in charge for an entire decade, becoming bigger and bolder
all the while, before it launched its attack.

> That's another puzzling thing. The Federation would, of course, try
> to demonize Zeon for what they did. But Zeon's actions in the beginning of
> the war should have forced the other Sides firmly into the Federation camp,
> including Side 6; after all, if Zeon can do that to one Side, they can do it
> again for the other Sides.

As noted previously, Side 6 had an "arrangement" with Zeon comparable to that
between Switzerland and Nazi Germany. Side 6 "neutrality" simply meant that it
became a hotbed for spies from both sides and got the dubious distinction of
being able to play both sides against the middle.

As to the other Sides and the Moon colonies, I suspect that many would hedge
their bets as much as possible and try to take the same stance as children faced
with bickering parents. Once war broke out, the battle lines were clearly drawn
between the Federation and Zeon, with all of the Sides except Side 6 in the
Federation camp as a matter of survival. The Moon, however, remained an
inconstant and, albeit not neutral, unallied faction.

> If, as you suggest, the Federation reported "live" colonists on the
> dropped cylinder, the backlash from public opinion should have pushed the
> Sides even more firmly into the Federation camp. Yet Side 6 remains neutral,
> and I get the impression that the Federation draws most of its troops from
> the planet, not from the various colonies.

The Federation draws most of its officers -- certainly the flag and field
grade -- from its Earthnoid contingent. The rank and file are probably
conscripts and militarized police and civil defense forces taken wherever they
can be found.

As to propaganda, from either side, some will believe anything they're told,
some nothing they're told and the rest half and half. Propaganda never changes
anyone's core beliefs. At best, it pushes those on the borderline one way or
the other. It makes disbelievers of believers as often as it makes believers of
disbelievers. It's most effective when it is demonstrably and irrefutably true,
which rarely happens.


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