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> I noticed that in the 0079 movie trilogy, the people on White Base
> seemed to wear color coded uniforms:
> Blue- MS Pilot
> Pink-Female officer
> Gray-Command personnel
> However, I have'nt noticed this color coding in either 0080 or 0083
> for the Federation uniforms. Now, since we don't really see any on-
> ship officers in 0080 this can be excused, but in 0083, everybody's
> pretty much wearing the exact same Federation uniform. Any reason
> for this?

The original Gundam was a TV series targeted mainly toward children, so it used
primary colors quite liberally. Z Gundam and Gundam ZZ continued this
tradition, having the same audience and merchandizing imperatives. The OVA
series, starting with Gundam 0080, were targeted at an older audience and went
for a more subdued color scheme.

You can see the same principle in action looking at the changes in color scheme
between Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz.

For that matter, the same thing happened between the original Star Trek series,
which came out when color TV was new and everyone was using eye-catching bright
primary colors, and the first Star Trek movie and subsequent Star Trek series.


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