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Blackeagle wrote:

> There's very little stuff that I've seen both dubbed and subbed, I can't
> really compare very many. However, juding purely by the dub, I'd say the
> dubs of Evangelion, Macross Plus and Princess Mononoke are pretty good.

IMO the mac + dub is mediocre, and gets major points against since manga
tampered with the music.
I noticed on my DVD that bandai also altered some of the BGM and sound effects
in the 0083 dub. (Booo hiss) Some sound effects were also altered in the 0080
dub. (Grrrrr)

The evangelion dub just blows (what little I've seen of it) but it might get
better as the series goes along.

I haven't seen mononoke in english. I fell asleep during the fansub, so i
haven't had any desire to see it again.

---Brett Jensen

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