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At 01:49 06/18/2000 MST, Blackeagle wrote:
>While there were no overt acts during the period, I get the impression that
>the overall development of the Zeon armed forces was public knowlege. The
>Federation would build up it's own forces to react to this possible threat
>regardless of weather or not there were any acutal provocations.

        As I said, I was under the impression that the Federation took the
Zeon Archduchy as more of a joke than anything. True, the Federation would
build their forces up to counter the Zeon fleet, but remember that Zeon
relied heavily on the unproven MS technology, something which the Federation
had no idea of. Hence, the Federation will concentrate heavily on building
ships, and not MS.

        Taken in this context, the implied fleet size of the Federation is
way too big for a simple reaction to the Zeon fleet (as in ships). The
Federation lost 1/3 of the fleet in the initial attack; yet with 2/3, or
less, of the original fleet the Federation was able to destroy a credible
number of Zeon ships and MSes to stall the war. This implies that the number
of Federation ships is maybe twice or three times the number of Zeon ships.

        Since the Federation may not have believed in the abilities of the
MS before the war, this number seems to be a bit excessive. Unless, of
course, the Federation has decided to attack Side 3 to bring the Side back
into the big, happy family...

>One possibility is that the military was created to enforce the colonization

        Certainly a possibility. I completely forgot the migration is
forced. Since only a generation has passed between the completion of the
migration and the OYW, there might have been a need of armed forces to
maintain peace on the colonies.

>You have to remember that Zeon had a much greater varitey of resources
>available to it than Delaz did. Instead of the strap on rocket motors seen
>in 0083, why not just use a series of small nuclear detonations to push the

        Ehh... I won't use a nuke to propel the colony -- too many things
can go wrong when that happens. At least you can attempt to course correct
with the rockets. If something goes wrong with the nuke blasting, you'll
have to play catchup with the colony before you can course correct.

        Furthermore, it's really a hassle to deal with nukes. First, you
need to worry about contaimination and all that. Possible failure of the
nuke is another factor. And a nuke is a military resource -- why use Zeon's
own resource when the colony itself probably has rockets in storage somewhere?

        And to really use small nukes in action will probably take more
money and effort than it will to strap small rockets into place on the
cylinder. I think Zeon will have more rocket engineers than nuke bomb
experts, right? =)

>First off, the Federation may also have gassed/nuked a few colonies in Sides
>1,2,4,5,6 & 7, either because they were planning to go over to Zeon or just
>as an example of what would happen if anybody even thought about switching

        It might be possible, especially if the Federation said Zeon was
responsible for it. But I think it's a bit politcally dangerous. Consider
that the Federation now has an excellent reason to demonlize the Zeon
Archduchy; if they pull this kind of stunt, and was exposed, the chances of
other Sides going independent is rather high. The Federation at this time is
busy enough with Side 3; having to deal with unrest on other Sides might be
a bit more than they can deal with.

        The Federation is by no means a kind master -- events in 0083 has
shown us that it can be rather Byzantine at times. But gassing and nuking
opposing cylinders seems more to be a Titans tactic than a Federation tactic.

>Plus the first MS Gundam movie mentions that BOTH Zeon and the
>Federation had lost half their populations. That's way to high a number for
>it to be purely military casulties, so the Federation probably launched at
>least some attacks on the colonies of Side 3 itself.

        Never heard of this before; I heard Zeon and the Federation lost
half of their military after Ruum, but not their population. My impression
is that there were no Federation military action against Side 3 proper until
the very end of the OYW, but information is a bit sketchy here.

>In the Federation, Spacenoids outnumber Earthnoids about 3 to 1 before the

        Good points. I took the sign that Bernie posed as an Earthnoid to
infiltrate the base as a sign that the Federation is biased towards
recruiting Earthnoids, and to a certain extent that the Federation does not
totally trust the Spacenoids. For example, Monsha of 0083 certainly is
biased against Spacenoids. As a matter of fact, it seems like most of the
pilots of the Albion are Earthnoids -- the Immortal 4th Platoon, as well as
Kou and Keith seems to be all Earthnoids.

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