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>What's a bunch of warships that you don't think you'll need compared to
>massive unemployment?

        And you would need a crew to crew the ship, which would get people
off the streets too. So it's possible that the ship construction carried on
not out of military necessity, but out of economic necessity.

        Still, I'll have thought the military ship construction will have
been converted to civilian ship constructions.

>Maybe during that lull when the Antarctic treaty is being signed there was a
>massive relief effort to rescue these stranded colonists? What do you think?

        Possible, but it's also possible that the survivors might be already
dead by the time the rescue crews get there. Another possible scenario is
salvaging crews might also decend on a wrecked cylinder.

        Considering that there can be as many as 10 million people per
cylinder, a survival rate of 10% will mean 1 million per cylinder. At 1%,
that's 100,000 people, per cylinder. Any rescue effort will have to deal
with this number. Imagine, if you will, the relocation effort. The strain of
accomdating up to another few millions of people within the undamaged
cylinders of a Side should incite some social unrest, a "Us and Them"
effects on the original inhabitants.

        Other possibilties is that the Federation or Zeon might establish
military testing bases in an abandoned colony -- good setting for a Side story?


> From the earth, with the naked eye, what would the night sky of the
>Gundam world look like? How big would Luna II appear? Could you see
>the Sides? Could you see space battles going on?

        Well, AFAIK Luna II is in opposition to the moon, so you may always
see one moon in the night sky in the UC era. But the Sides are really too
small to be seen (Each is only 32 km long; even with 50 of them clustered
together near a Lagrange point, it's still a collection of small objects in
the moon's orbit.)

        As for space battles, we might see small twinkles when big nukes are
set off, but I don't think battles at the Sides will be seen. Battles such
as that fought by the White Base and Char near the atmosphere might be seen
though. In CCA, I think the Earthnoids will be able to see the final battles
near Axis, before the rock bounced off.. Where did it go normally?

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