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> Then again, maybe that comes from Eva being one of my favorite anime series
> and the fact that I've met several of the ADV voice actors that starred in

Yeah and since Eva was one of my faves as well the poor dubbing (But, really,
I've seldom thought that a dub was passable... GITS probably being the only
one I ever thought held a candle to the original dialogue... And didn't
they do both the japanese version and english version at the same time on
that?) I was more insulted by what, to me at least, was the loss of the
original feel of the characters....
(Actually I thought that about every one of the characters was butchered
except rei)

> Also, you can't really judge a series (or a dub) just by hearing sound
> from it. You need to actually watch it.

I wasn't the one who just heard clips.. I had to watch 4 of the tapes dubbed
cuz we couldn't find 'em subbed and didn't have the money to just straight up
buy em at the time... But, we're veering quite OT probably :)

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