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>> I heard some sound clips of the Eva dub...i hated it so much...especially
>> clip of Asuka that i heard...::shiver::...
>yeah asuka really lost her bitch-from-hell persona in the dub and was just
>like whiny-brat :( ... I liked her as a bitch from hell dammit! (Especially
>compared to rei who's the personality-less wonder for the first half of the
>series) the worst tho was kaoru... ok, his character was supposed to be
>gay... but the english voice actor was just
>barbara-streisand-listening-flaming. "Come, adam's dark shadow, servant of
>the lillam.." I held my face in shame for the series.... I thought the dub
>was pretty bad for eva (Tho not _horrible_ like, say, macross 2 or violence
>jack [but I thought that whole series was horrible too so.....]) the only
>reason why I suffered thru the dub of eva was because my roommates and I were
>so cracked out on the series that we HAD to see what happened and all of the
>video stores in orange county were missing subbed versions of some of the

At least Tiffany Grant (the VA for Asuka in the dub) could actually say the lines in German correctly. From what I've heard and understand, the Japanese VA couldn't.

Also, she did retain "her bitch-from-hell persona" in the dub, at least to me. I'm sorry, but I can't agree with those who say the ADV dub was bad.

Then again, maybe that comes from Eva being one of my favorite anime series and the fact that I've met several of the ADV voice actors that starred in it.

Also, you can't really judge a series (or a dub) just by hearing sound clips from it. You need to actually watch it.


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