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>> >Well, again, up until Zeon declared independence circa UC 0058,
>>no one thought
>> >of themselves as anything BUT the Federation.
>> No, I meant the Federation *military* presence. Before Zeon's
>>declaration of independance, the Federation should have no meaningful
>>threats against it, except for the occasional pirates, maybe. The number of
>>troops stationed at each colony cylinder should be rather small.
>> Even after Zeon's independence, I'm under the impression that the
>>Federation didn't take the duchy seriously. As a result, there might be an
>>increased in ship production and recruitment, but nothing serious,
>>especially since there were no reports of serious actions between
>>0058 and 0079.
>While there were no overt acts during the period, I get the
>impression that the overall development of the Zeon armed forces was
>public knowlege. The Federation would build up it's own forces to
>react to this possible threat regardless of weather or not there
>were any acutal provocations.
>> But something here puzzles me. If indeed, the other Sides are firmly
>>in Federation prior to 0079, why did the Federation needed such a massive
>>fleet? I mean, it was stated in the novels that a whole third of the
>>Federation fleet was wiped out in the initial Zeon attacks.
>> But even without this third of the fleet, the Federation was able to
>>fight Zeon into a standstill which lasted until the Federation MS came
>>online. This suggest a serious number of warships in the Federation fleet,
>>even before the war.
>> But if the colonies are under the rule of the Federation peacefully,
>>why would the Federation need so many ships? One reason I can think is that
>>there were serious trouble within the Sides, severe enough for the
>>Federation to maintain a show of force.
>One possibility is that the military was created to enforce the
>colonization plan. Remember, most of these people did not leave
>entirely of their own free will. Somebody's got to be able to force
>them to go. After forced emigration ended, the military may just
>have been too big and powerful for the civilian government to cut
>back. After all, if the Generals really got dissatisfied by
>cutbacks, they could threaten to stage a coup.

Here's another theory for the existence of the earth fleet.
With the colony building projects winding down, spaceship building
could have begun as a sort of make work project to keep the millions
of workers and various heavy industries employed. What's a bunch of
warships that you don't think you'll need compared to massive


>First off, the Federation may also have gassed/nuked a few colonies
>in Sides 1,2,4,5,6 & 7, either because they were planning to go over
>to Zeon or just as an example of what would happen if anybody even
>thought about switching sides. Plus the first MS Gundam movie
>mentions that BOTH Zeon and the Federation had lost half their
>populations. That's way to high a number for it to be purely
>military casulties, so the Federation probably launched at least
>some attacks on the colonies of Side 3 itself.
>That doesn't even include the fact that many of the civilian
>casulties may just be collateral damage, especially during the
>battle of Ruum.


Every colony must have shelters like side 7 did. Thus even with all
the gassing and colony cracking going on, I bet maybe 1~10% of the
colony's population could have survived in shelters. Who knows for
how long though? Maybe during that lull when the Antarctic treaty is
being signed there was a massive relief effort to rescue these
stranded colonists? What do you think?

A few other questions-

 From the earth, with the naked eye, what would the night sky of the
Gundam world look like? How big would Luna II appear? Could you see
the Sides? Could you see space battles going on?

(Hey, this has been an interesting thread! Thanks for giving my brain
a workout.)


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