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> >Well, again, up until Zeon declared independence circa UC 0058, no one
> >of themselves as anything BUT the Federation.
> No, I meant the Federation *military* presence. Before Zeon's
>declaration of independance, the Federation should have no meaningful
>threats against it, except for the occasional pirates, maybe. The number of
>troops stationed at each colony cylinder should be rather small.
> Even after Zeon's independence, I'm under the impression that the
>Federation didn't take the duchy seriously. As a result, there might be an
>increased in ship production and recruitment, but nothing serious,
>especially since there were no reports of serious actions between 0058 and

While there were no overt acts during the period, I get the impression that
the overall development of the Zeon armed forces was public knowlege. The
Federation would build up it's own forces to react to this possible threat
regardless of weather or not there were any acutal provocations.

> But something here puzzles me. If indeed, the other Sides are
>in Federation prior to 0079, why did the Federation needed such a massive
>fleet? I mean, it was stated in the novels that a whole third of the
>Federation fleet was wiped out in the initial Zeon attacks.
> But even without this third of the fleet, the Federation was able
>fight Zeon into a standstill which lasted until the Federation MS came
>online. This suggest a serious number of warships in the Federation fleet,
>even before the war.
> But if the colonies are under the rule of the Federation
>why would the Federation need so many ships? One reason I can think is that
>there were serious trouble within the Sides, severe enough for the
>Federation to maintain a show of force.

One possibility is that the military was created to enforce the colonization
plan. Remember, most of these people did not leave entirely of their own
free will. Somebody's got to be able to force them to go. After forced
emigration ended, the military may just have been too big and powerful for
the civilian government to cut back. After all, if the Generals really got
dissatisfied by cutbacks, they could threaten to stage a coup.

> >Again, I've never seen anything to suggest that the colony was gassed
>just so
> >it could be turned into a missile.
> I understand what you mean, but the speed at which Zeon managed to
>configure the cylinder for drop suggest that the plan has all along been to
>utilize a cylinder for this. The engineering needed to set the cylinder in
>proper motion isn't simple; you can't get a whole bunch of Zakus to kick
>cylinder all at the same time and hope to get it moving in the right
>direction. The colony hijack of 0083 shows us what is needed to prepare a
>cylinder for its final destination.

You have to remember that Zeon had a much greater varitey of resources
available to it than Delaz did. Instead of the strap on rocket motors seen
in 0083, why not just use a series of small nuclear detonations to push the
colony? The colony's structure is immensely strong, so a smallish nuke
wouldn't cause a structual failure. Use enough of them and you can push a
colony out of it's halo orbit and onto a course for Earth.

> >Now THAT would a propaganda bonanza for the opposition. In fact, one
> >if the Feds didn't report that the colony WAS pushed out of orbit with
> >population intact. What're the Zeon going to do, broadcast video of a
> >full of dead people? And how do they prove it was video of THAT colony?
> That's another puzzling thing. The Federation would, of course,
>to demonize Zeon for what they did. But Zeon's actions in the beginning of
>the war should have forced the other Sides firmly into the Federation camp,
>including Side 6; after all, if Zeon can do that to one Side, they can do
>again for the other Sides.

First off, the Federation may also have gassed/nuked a few colonies in Sides
1,2,4,5,6 & 7, either because they were planning to go over to Zeon or just
as an example of what would happen if anybody even thought about switching
sides. Plus the first MS Gundam movie mentions that BOTH Zeon and the
Federation had lost half their populations. That's way to high a number for
it to be purely military casulties, so the Federation probably launched at
least some attacks on the colonies of Side 3 itself.

That doesn't even include the fact that many of the civilian casulties may
just be collateral damage, especially during the battle of Ruum.

> (In fact, had Zeon won, it may be possible that Gren Zabi may have
>ordered the deaths of the colonies because they had opposed him in the
> If, as you suggest, the Federation reported "live" colonists on
>dropped cylinder, the backlash from public opinion should have pushed the
>Sides even more firmly into the Federation camp. Yet Side 6 remains
>and I get the impression that the Federation draws most of its troops from
>the planet, not from the various colonies.
> (Observe, in 0080, we were shown a pro-Zeon emphasis amongst the
>children in Side 6, and again, the Cyclops team was able to infiltrate
>posing as soldiers recruited from Earth.
> Granted, it is not likely that the Federation would be able to
>many recruits from Side 6 due to its neutral status, but the ease at which
>Bernard's story was accepted suggest that soldiers from Earth is a common
>occurance, despite the fact that the number of Spacenoids outnumber the
>number of Earthnoids.)

In the Federation, Spacenoids outnumber Earthnoids about 3 to 1 before the
war. After the first two weeks, this ratio probably decreases due to
massive casulties among the colony dwellers, but after the invasion of Earth
this would be counterballenced by the fact that much of earth's population
is under Zeon control and thus not available for military service. While
the percentage of Earthnoids in the armed forces might be higher than this
ratio due to a greater degreee of patriotisim in the planetary population, I
don't think this would be enough to change the overall makeup of the armed
forces that much.

However, the Earthnoid/Spacenoid mix probably varies considerably withing
various sections of the armed forces. Terrestrial combat units probably
have a much higher percentage of Earthnoids. Space units probably have more
Spacenoids. I'd guess that for reasons of political reliability, the
Officer Corps has a very high Earthnoid percenage. The prewar officer corps
might have was almost entirely Earthnoid.

In the case of Bernie's story, all that has to be true is that Earthnoid
soldiers are not uncommon. Considerably more than half the Federation armed
forces might be Spacenoids and an Earthnoid guard would not be out of place.
  That doesn't even take into consideration that a secret installation will
tend to be guarded by troops whose loyalty is assured, which would probably
result in a higher proportion of Earthnoids.

> >Just the fanzine UC Herald 2, which has a review of Mayfly of Space.
> Is there an online source?
> >Mark, you want to jump in here?
> I wonder if he's monitoring this thread... =)
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