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Sun, 18 Jun 2000 01:16:13 -0700

>At 02:14 06/17/2000 -0400, core@gundam.com wrote:
>>hmm I don't know I qualify as Tomino maniac. of the Tomino Gundam that I
>>saw (0079, Z, ZZ, CCA, F91, V), I love 1, really like another, and the
>>other 4 range from "not bad" to "crappy".
> I was under the impression that Tomino wasn't involved in CCA -- was
>I mistaken?
>Lim Jyue
>ICQ: 24737555

He was - I think Sunrise worked out some kind of deal with him - either
he had to do ZZ so he could do CCA and kill off Amuro and Char, or
something along these lines. He even wrote a novel version of CCA which
was very different from the film.


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