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>The good news is that there'll never be enough "headroom" for thunderclouds or
>low enough temperatures for hail.

        I understand this from the High Frontier website, but we were
discussing the farmsats, which IIRC are not big enough to have anything like

>Well, again, up until Zeon declared independence circa UC 0058, no one thought
>of themselves as anything BUT the Federation.

        No, I meant the Federation *military* presence. Before Zeon's
declaration of independance, the Federation should have no meaningful
threats against it, except for the occasional pirates, maybe. The number of
troops stationed at each colony cylinder should be rather small.

        Even after Zeon's independence, I'm under the impression that the
Federation didn't take the duchy seriously. As a result, there might be an
increased in ship production and recruitment, but nothing serious,
especially since there were no reports of serious actions between 0058 and 0079.

        But something here puzzles me. If indeed, the other Sides are firmly
in Federation prior to 0079, why did the Federation needed such a massive
fleet? I mean, it was stated in the novels that a whole third of the
Federation fleet was wiped out in the initial Zeon attacks.

        But even without this third of the fleet, the Federation was able to
fight Zeon into a standstill which lasted until the Federation MS came
online. This suggest a serious number of warships in the Federation fleet,
even before the war.

        But if the colonies are under the rule of the Federation peacefully,
why would the Federation need so many ships? One reason I can think is that
there were serious trouble within the Sides, severe enough for the
Federation to maintain a show of force.

>Again, I've never seen anything to suggest that the colony was gassed just so
>it could be turned into a missile.

        I understand what you mean, but the speed at which Zeon managed to
configure the cylinder for drop suggest that the plan has all along been to
utilize a cylinder for this. The engineering needed to set the cylinder in
proper motion isn't simple; you can't get a whole bunch of Zakus to kick the
cylinder all at the same time and hope to get it moving in the right
direction. The colony hijack of 0083 shows us what is needed to prepare a
cylinder for its final destination.

>Now THAT would a propaganda bonanza for the opposition. In fact, one wonders
>if the Feds didn't report that the colony WAS pushed out of orbit with the
>population intact. What're the Zeon going to do, broadcast video of a colony
>full of dead people? And how do they prove it was video of THAT colony?

        That's another puzzling thing. The Federation would, of course, try
to demonize Zeon for what they did. But Zeon's actions in the beginning of
the war should have forced the other Sides firmly into the Federation camp,
including Side 6; after all, if Zeon can do that to one Side, they can do it
again for the other Sides.

        (In fact, had Zeon won, it may be possible that Gren Zabi may have
ordered the deaths of the colonies because they had opposed him in the war.)

        If, as you suggest, the Federation reported "live" colonists on the
dropped cylinder, the backlash from public opinion should have pushed the
Sides even more firmly into the Federation camp. Yet Side 6 remains neutral,
and I get the impression that the Federation draws most of its troops from
the planet, not from the various colonies.

        (Observe, in 0080, we were shown a pro-Zeon emphasis amongst the
children in Side 6, and again, the Cyclops team was able to infiltrate
posing as soldiers recruited from Earth.

        Granted, it is not likely that the Federation would be able to draw
many recruits from Side 6 due to its neutral status, but the ease at which
Bernard's story was accepted suggest that soldiers from Earth is a common
occurance, despite the fact that the number of Spacenoids outnumber the
number of Earthnoids.)

>Just the fanzine UC Herald 2, which has a review of Mayfly of Space.

        Is there an online source?

>Mark, you want to jump in here?

        I wonder if he's monitoring this thread... =)

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