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><< I only get the subtitled versions. After sitting through some very bad
> dubs, I'm pretty much subs only.
> >Roland >>
>Yes! dubs, evil!
>...enough ranting for now...

There are some good dubs out there (not very many excellent ones though).
The probem is when you're in the video store with only the box to go on (or
buying it over the net for that matter) there's no real way to tell if the
dubbing sucks or not. Play it safe and shell out the extra cash for the
subtitled version (stupid money grubbing companies grumble...grumble).

I guess I'll have to get a DVD player soon (probably just buy PS2 when it
comes out) since a lot of companies seem to be ditching subbed VHS for
dubbed tapes and bilingual DVDs.

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