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> Back from my first day at Otaku No Festival, and I picked up some Gundam
> swag:
> 1. Gundam Episode Guide - Volume 1: The first part of the one year war, UC
> 0079-0080
> This book is damned cool. Lots of full color pictures and a huge amount of
> character and mechanic line art, plus what looks to be lots of information
> that would be great if I could read japanese =) Anybody know if there are
> any more volumes in this series out? I _must_ get them all.
> Cost me $30 canadian (about $20US)

There are 3 i THINK.. (at least I saw 3 at the bookstore..)

> 3. A really old issue of untranslated Gundam Manga. Says "Kodansha Anime
> Comics" and it seems to be volume 5. Its definately set during the OYW and
> looks to be based from the 0079 TV series. ISBN4-06-174432-1 ... can
> give me a little info on it?
> Cost me $4.95 canadian (about $3.50US)

There is a Kidousenshi Gundam comic out with 6+ (i forgot the exact number)
volumes that is based on the original 0079 story. But the price you got it
for was definitely a good price!

> 2. Same dealer also had the MSiA Char's Zaku 2 and RX-78, but he wanted
> canadian for them each, again, not likely.

Hrmm depends, I know there are cheaper ones BUT they're not the same ones
circulated within Japan (just like CD's, they have different distribution

> 3. Saw a Five Star Stories LED Mirage toy/prebuilt model ... i may need to
> buy it tomorrow if its not outrageously expensive. If anyone knows what
> talking about, can you let me know what the going rate is?

Is it the one with some clear parts? I saw it for $50

> Tonight at midnight, i'm off to a showing of X/1999 at a theater..
> As for tomorrow, I'm hoping the dealers will bring some more interesting
> stuff, and I plan to catch Outlaw Star and the Bakuretsu Hunters OVA
> i've already seen, but the friends i'm going with haven't) along with
> Saga.
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A little OT, but somehow, I never liked Clamp related movies. They're
always "different" or unrelated to the real story...


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