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Back from my first day at Otaku No Festival, and I picked up some Gundam
1. Gundam Episode Guide - Volume 1: The first part of the one year war, UC
This book is damned cool. Lots of full color pictures and a huge amount of
character and mechanic line art, plus what looks to be lots of information
that would be great if I could read japanese =) Anybody know if there are
any more volumes in this series out? I _must_ get them all.
Cost me $30 canadian (about $20US)
2. Gundam Singles History - Haven't really listened to it yet, I had a few
tracks from it in MP3, so I figured I'd pick it up.
3. A really old issue of untranslated Gundam Manga. Says "Kodansha Anime
Comics" and it seems to be volume 5. Its definately set during the OYW and
looks to be based from the 0079 TV series. ISBN4-06-174432-1 ... can anyone
give me a little info on it?
Cost me $4.95 canadian (about $3.50US)
4. A gundam wing wallscroll of the wing zero vs the epyon (actually its ..
reasonably neat, a good size, and hey, its Gundam. Cost me $20canadian

Other notable things during the day:
1. Found some AMAZINGLY kickass Gundam posters... there was a beautiful one
of the Nu Gundam, in a heavily damaged state ... really wonderful piece of
art, and it just happened to be my favorite Gundam ... but they wanted $24
for it. No way in hell i'm paying that much for a poster ... there were a
few other cool ones, including one with a bunch of the "villain" mobile
suits that said "Gundam: Since 1979" at the bottom, but that too was $24.
2. Same dealer also had the MSiA Char's Zaku 2 and RX-78, but he wanted $40
canadian for them each, again, not likely.
3. Saw a Five Star Stories LED Mirage toy/prebuilt model ... i may need to
buy it tomorrow if its not outrageously expensive. If anyone knows what i'm
talking about, can you let me know what the going rate is?
4. Watched the first two episodes of Gasarki ... it was a little odd. Mecha
designs were cool, very utilitarian and military, with some definite Gundam
influences. The story was bizarre, though, so I can't really say if I like
it without seeing a few more episodes.
5. Caught all 3 eps of the Geobreeders OVA. Pure, mindless fun. An enjoyable
way to spend 90 minutes.

Tonight at midnight, i'm off to a showing of X/1999 at a theater..
As for tomorrow, I'm hoping the dealers will bring some more interesting
stuff, and I plan to catch Outlaw Star and the Bakuretsu Hunters OVA (which
i've already seen, but the friends i'm going with haven't) along with Excel

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