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> > I just stumbled upon a question: where is Anaheim Electronics' La Vie En
> > Rose generally located. Is it usually in Lunar orbit, or is it always
> > moving about. I cant even tell where it is relative to the Moon, Sides,
> > etc in 0083 or Zeta. Can anyone help me on this?
> >
> In 0083, it is in Lunar orbit above Von Braun. It is usually at Lunar orbit
> near Anaheim Electronic facility. In Zeta Gundam, for a while it is near
> Granada on the farside. In ZZ Gundam, actually traverse between Side 1 and
> the moon.

The ZZ position could still be a lunar orbit, similar to one we previously
discussed as a possible orbit for Moon Moon: the lunar equivalent of an
equatorial geostationary orbit. This would place it in a position that was
always on a direct line between the Moon's equator and L1.

It would actually save time, as a direct transfer from near Lunar orbit to L1
would take 9.6 hours, but it would only take about an hour to transfer from near
Lunar orbit to synchronous lunar orbit and about twice or maybe three times that
to transfer from SLO to L1. Call it five hours total and you're still cutting
the transit time in half.

La Vie en Rose would thus be situated in a fixed position relative to the rest
of the Earth Sphere, approximately 11,000 km (7,000 miles) directly above Sinus
Medii. From Von Braun, it would be visible to the west southwest, about midway
between the horizon and zenith.

It wouldn't be visible from Granada, which is on the far side of the Moon, but
it could be "slipped" (advanced or retarded) in synchronous orbit and positioned
over some other point of the lunar equator without actually changing its orbit.
It could, in fact, be in a not-quite-synchronous orbit that either advances or
regresses along the equator by, say, one degree an hour, so that it orbits the
Moon once a day, aligning with L1 for an hour out of each twenty-four.

In any case, it looks like it definitely orbits the Moon, within an hour's
travel time from the main AE complex in Von Braun.


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